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April 5, 2016

7 Differences Between Good Friends And Best Friends

Read on to find out what relationship you share with your friends!

1) Friends indeed!

You know you can bank on your good friends whenever you need them. But the beauty of best friends is that you never need to ask them for help! Just one look at your face/ text and they know that you are in trouble.


2) The fights!

You are only so close to your good friends that you seldom fight with them. And whom do we fight with? Our own people! You know that you have probably shared some of the worst fights with your best friends. But hey, remember how you made up?


3) You share some memorable ‘tags’

Your good friends may be equally friendly towards you on social media, ‘liking’ and ‘commenting’ on all of your pictures. But best friends not only ‘like’ them, they are actually present in those pictures!


4) Besties make you a better person

Good friends are usually polite and would never want to ‘hurt’ you by pointing out your annoying/bad habits. But your best friends will not only bring them to your notice, but they will also help you get rid of them!


5) Your besties will tease you to death!

Good friends, in a bid to be polite, will never bring up things that embarrass you. But that’s never the case with your BFFs! They will not only tease you till you are sick of it, but they will come up with weird codenames so they can remind you of the incident even in public.


6) Your best friends know your partner better!

Good friends will always be okay with whoever you are dating, because let’s face it. It probably doesn’t matter to them as much. But your besties will warn you if the person you are dating is not right for you OR tease the hell out of you, if they like him/her. Yep, besties are a weird breed after all.


7) Guess Who’s Always Available?

Your good friends can be reached anytime, on any social media platform. They will always be ‘online’ for you. But it is only your best friends who you can rely on for that ‘4 AM call.’


Whether you have good friends or best friends, cherish them and hold them close because friends are really hard to come by in these times!



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