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March 29, 2016

asker online online 1st closed beta review

Asker Online previously known as Project Black Sheep is a new upcoming hardcore Action MORPG by Neowiz CRS Korea. I recently participated in the 1st Closed Beta and wasn’t pleased with the overall results. Find out why below!

Playable Characters – Choose Your Hero!

The 1st CBT had three playable characters a Male Warrior, Female Assassin, and Loli Battlemage. Most players are probably going to get turned off by the gender locked classes, but I’ve grown a nice tolerance to it over my many years of gaming. I wanted to play something that looked cool instead of cute so I went with the Assassin instead of the Battlemage. The Warrior didn’t look awesome enough for me and it was actually one of the least played classes during the beta. The Assassin was the most popular class followed by the loli Battlemage.


Gameplay & Controls – Enjoyable Boss Battle with Action Combat

The challenging boss fights is the only thing that kept me going throughout the whole beta. I was always looking forward to next boss battle and wondered how it would destroy me in one or two hits. Neowiz CRS should continue to make more challenging bosses, most gamers today prefer a challenging content. The combat controls is very similar to Vindictus Online slapped on with a hotbar of skills. WASD keys to move around, shift to run, space to jump, etc. Players can perform various normal attacks and combos by pressing the left and right mouse buttons. Bosses have multiple sets of attacks that does little to no damage while some can knock you out with a single blow. You would want to learn the pattern and adjust to the play style of each boss. Playing in a party is definitely a lot easier compared to solo’ing because of the aggro system. Attack the boss while it’s busy chasing a party member, just don’t get hit by the random cleave or AoE attacks.

Skill and Mastery System – Skill Attacks and Run

Asker Online had so many skills that I didn’t have enough slots to equip them all on my hotbar. I’m not really a big fan of long hotbars especially when it comes down to Action MORPG’s. In town, I was able to distribute my skill points, enhance skills, and learn various passive traits. There are a lot of options to choose from, but I had no idea what they did so I just put one point in everything like a boss. With a skill system like Asker Online, there really is no point of performing normal attacks on bosses. Just get close enough to a boss and use a skill or two. Run back out or use a skill to get close or evade a boss attack. Rinse and repeat! Players who have raided on Vindictus should be well aware of this tactic. No special system with skills, you can learn them all and it’s not possible to mess up skills because you can reset easily with gold.

The World – Instance Mode On!

Asker Online is an instance based game similar to Continent of the Ninth. Pick up random quests in town, buy potions, gather party members, and head off to a portal where you can select a mission or stage you want to play. I found it really disturbing how most of the areas are claustrophobic small with very little room for combat or camera panning. There are some areas where you will have to kill five monsters in a small closed off space with random invisible walls preventing players from moving forward. Once the monsters are defeated you can move on to the next area and kill another set of monsters until you get to the boss room. Dungeons are fairly linear with no alternate paths or forks until the boss room. I was told that the game will have some form of a breakable walls where players can decide on alternate paths by destroying secret walls to progress in a non-linear dungeon gameplay. However, I did not see any of those features in the 1st Closed Beta which was disappointing. Perhaps the beta was rushed?

Graphics – Physics Overload

Asker Online’s game engine added a lot of nice features such as breakable environment, interaction with broken objects, wall jumping, random weird physics, amusing knocked down animations, hair phsyics, boobs & butt physics, and more. From a scale of one to ten, I would probably rate Asker Online a seven in terms of graphics. It would be nice if the game was Rated M so that they can add a much more darker and grimm feel to the game. Slashing and dicing up all of these large bosses with no blood coming out kind of ruins the whole Action MORPG mood. At least they got the monster turning around animation right. Unlike most games the bosses in this game will actually turn slowly to the person that pulled aggro not perform some random 360 spin or something awkward. Perhaps I was expecting a bit too much for a Closed Beta. With the right ideas and expertise the game has so much potential.

Conclusion – Meh.. Could Be Better!

I’ve been wanting to test this game ever since its debut a few years ago and waited all year long to get my hands on it. After spending a couple of days testing the game, Asker Online felt like it was missing something. I couldn’t really get into the game as much as I thought I would have. Mainly because it didn’t have anything “new” to present. The breakable environment and combat is a lot similar to Vindictus. The size of the maps are extremely small which reminded me of Dragon Nest or Continent of the Ninth. Asker just didn’t have much of a flare or impact on me. That feeling you get when you’ve acquired a new game for the first time and play it for hours while losing track of time wasn’t present at all. So there you have it folks, Asker Online. Knocked off another title on the


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