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June 29, 2016

Download Battle Oasis 2016 Subtitles Now | Subtitles

Download Battle Oasis 2016 Movie Subtitles Now for Free

Battle Oasis 2016 english are now available for download. You may directly download the Battle Oasis SRT or Subtitles File from the links provided in the bottom of this web post. The acceptance and synchronization of the below given subtitles is not 100% guaranteed as these belong to our third party distributors and any anomaly thus found should be brought to our notice immediately.


Battle Oasis 2016 Movie Subtitles are now available for free download. Directly Download the Subtitles or SRT File from the provided links. | Download Battle Oasis 2016 Movie Subtitles Now | Battle Oasis Subtitles | Battle Oasis 2016 SRT File



Title Battle Oasis
Year 2016
Released On 01 Jul 2016
Runtime 83 min
Genre Animation, Adventure, Fantasy
Directed By Michael Johnson
Written By Michael Johnson
Starring Clare Fogerty, Jonathan Lipow

Battle Oasis 2016 Movie Plot:

Battle Oasis is the story of Motega, an indigenous being of the planet known as Kitri. We follow him through his journey to survive with his mate Leyati and their only son Hamik as the planet as they know it is dying and all oases are vanishing. Akecheta, who was once a friend of Motega’s, is a degenerate kitrian who harvests crystals from beneath the surface of the planet. He eventually turned on Motega to indulge in the crystals’ power that gives him a mighty strength. He used that power to destroy kitrians that would drink from a nearby oasis. As water is slowly depleted, every kitrian must pick up a blade and become a warrior and fight those who threaten their survival.


Download Battle Oasis 2016 English Subtitles Online

Battle Oasis 2016 English Subtitles/SRT .sub File



1- Download Battle Oasis 2016 Movie Subtitles

2- Download Battle Oasis 2016 Movie SRT File

3- Download Battle Oasis English Subtitles

4- Download Battle Oasis English SRT File

5- Battle Oasis English Subtitles Download

6- Battle Oasis English SRT File Download


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