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May 10, 2016

This Pervert Was Trying To Touch The Girl In Public Transport! What She Did Next Is A Lesson For All Girls!

Nowadays, we hear of so many eve-teasing cases, mainly in major metro cities. Innocent girls always fall prey to such vulnerable acts. Even in public transport, which is flooded with people throughout the day, safety of a girl isn’t guaranteed. However, in such cases, a girl must know how to protect herself.

This video aptly portrays that girls themselves are a reason for rising eve teasing cases! The video opens up with a boy (travelling in a bus), trying his best to touch the girl who is seated next to him. He thinks he can silently torture the girl with this act of his. Even in his wildest of dreams, he never thought what would happen next..

The way this girl reacted to the situation, is definitely a must watch!

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We are sure that after watching the video, all you girls have learnt a good lesson!


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